POUND® is the world's first cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums. It’s a real chance to connect and it has so many benefits on top of not feeling like a crazy workout. 


POUND® - the world's first cardio jam session in a gym with Ro Nwosu

I’ve been a POUND Pro for almost 8 months now and wanted to give back to my community for being extremely supportive not only of me but each other. People who may not get a chance to socialize often can come out and chat, laugh and create new friendships. How each person encourages one another to keep going is so amazing to see. Spreading good karma only takes a smile and a hello and each person that comes to class has done that tenfold.


Girls in POUND® - cardio jam session playing the drums


When family and friends get a chance to move together as one or even just spend time together it is a strong message of love and respect. Even when they just take the time to enjoy each other’s company. We live in a world where we are always on the go and being pulled in different directions because the amount of responsibilities have doubled.  I find there is no better way to let go and get into the beat with songs by P!nk, AC/DC, Good Charlotte, No Doubt and more!


February 20th each person at the Karma event  was moving and had a smile on their face, laughter in their eyes and definitely sweat on their brow. It was definitely a Rockout. Workout. Session and I had such a great time teaching it.


Ro Nwosu, Karma Activist at Karma Class for POUND® - the world's first cardio jam session


Together, Karma and several local businesses in Renfrew, Ontario collectively provided over $200 worth of prizes for the event! I’d love to thank:

  • Scott’s Shoes 
  • The Flower Factory
  • Keeping Company
  • A Sense of Country
  • The Dish on Main
  • Priority Business Services
  • The Warehouse
  • The Vintage Kettle
  • Pick-It Fence (Renfrew)
  • Renfrew Recreation for allowing us to use the space!

If you ever get a chance to visit my amazing community check these places and see why I love this town and the people in it so much!!!

It was highly enjoyable to have this POUND® class on Family Day here in Renfrew, Ontario. 25 people rocking out just to have fun and be active! All I ask of you this year is to get out find a class that seems out of the norm and give it a try, get out and explore!!!


Ro Nwosu is a yoga-loving nerd living in Renfrew, Ontario. She believes in creating a platform that will help people experience the best version of their lives and assist them in creating a positive outlook on their daily endeavors. You can find her at Yogaro, on Facebook and Twitter


Written by Ro Nwosu, Karma Activist


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