Incorporate Weights Into Your Workout

When it comes to weightlifting, most women shy away because of the belief that it will make you look too muscular. This is simply not true as regular weights will not make you massive. It is simply not possible for women to bulk up that much without going to the extreme. We simply have around 15 to 30 times less or the hormones that are required to bulk up and therefore it requires a lot of effort to be as built as professional bodybuilders. Instead, strength training is an important part of how you can mould your body to be more lean and fit.

Why Strength Train?

Strength training is an important part of how you can mould your body to be more lean and fit. Through strength training, you will be able to build more muscles. This is a great thing! The more muscles you have, the more fat you’ll burn. The body will spend more calories to maintain your muscles as it is more metabolically active than fat. It’s been suggested that 1 pounds of muscles would burn around 5 calories while resting, whereas 1 pound of fat would burn 2 calories in one day. Although this may not seem much, it will still all adds up after several days.

While the act of strength training only burns up to 10 calories per minute, it is widely known that you continue to burn calories after you finish lifting.The after burn effects can be noticed even after 3 days since lifting as the body requires energy to repair the microtears in muscles. Exercises that involve the largest number of muscles is seen to be the best for weight loss. Compound exercises are movements that involve different muscles. It is often recommended as it stimulates more muscles and creates a quicker change in the composition of your body.

Fat vs Muscles

However, sometimes strength training might make you look heavier on the scale! Don’t worry though, if you compare between one pound of fat and muscles, the fat will always take up more space than the muscle. The muscle is much more dense than fat, it is around one-third of the size of fat! Muscles are also likely to burn around 3 times more calories than fat. For optimal health, women should aim for their body fat to be around 18% to 31% whereas it’s around 10% to 24% for men.

Reshape your Body

Although cardio will help you lose those stubborn pounds that you are trying to get off. It will be the weights that will help you appear more strong and defined. When lifting weights, make sure you’re using heavier weights to sculpt your body. It’s much more effective than using lighter weights and more repetition. Sculpting helps you reduce the excess fat in your body while trying to grow your muscles to help you appear more sculpted.

Health Benefits Too?

It’s been suggested that strength training has the ability to lower a woman’s risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Not only does strength training benefit the muscles, it also helps with your bones. Through training, it increases your bone density to help you reduce the risk of broken or fractured bones. With strengthening, your muscles and connective tissues will become stronger and decrease your chances of injuries from daily routines.


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