Kundalini Yoga group with Karma Athletics

On May 29th, 2016, we held our very first Community Yoga Rave at our Guildford pop-up store. The event was by donation and all proceeds went towards the Canadian Red Cross to support their Alberta Fires Emergency Appeal. Some of the students had never been to a Yoga Rave before and were glad they got a chance to experience one!

Shae from Savage Yoga led the class in a Kundalini practice, more commonly known as the ‘yoga of awareness’, or ‘yoga rave’. Even if you think you know what yoga is, I promise you that Kundalini is a style of its own. Kundalini yoga stimulates the nervous system, glandular system and the immune system as it centres the mind. Each class includes centering with a mantra, spinal warm up, posture set, deep relaxation and meditation.

Kundalini Yoga group with Karma Athletics

During the rave, we chanted mantras, danced and sang together - all while doing yoga! But don’t think that this means you won’t be getting a good workout. The Kundalini postures pushed us to our limits, and before we knew it, we were drenched in sweat! Along with the music, everyone was eventually jumping, dancing, and vibing to the beats, and we didn't even notice all the lactic acid build-up! I assure you, some of our staff members were still sore on Tuesday! The energy levels in that class were infectious!

Kundalini Yoga group with Karma Athletics

After letting loose, Shae brought us back together and encouraged us to partner up with another yogi who we weren’t acquainted with in the class. We supported each other through collaborative poses, squats and stretches during the cool down which brought us full circle in the Kundalini practice. These poses definitely brought the class closer together and the friendly and comfortable environment helped us destress and balance our hearts and minds.

Kundalini Yoga post-up group with Karma Athletics

With the help of those who attended, we fundraised over $200 that night. Together with the donations made from those who participated in our online sale fundraiser, we raised over $660 for the Alberta Fires Emergency Appeal. We encourage those who are still interested in supporting the cause to donate directly online. Your donation will be matched by the Government of Canada. Let’s help keep #AlbertaStrong.

Check out some footage from the event here:

Join us for our next community event on Sunday, June 12th! We’ll be doing some strength and fitness training with Vancity Strength. RSVP in store or on Eventbrite. We hope to see you there!!


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