Transformation Tuesday:

stronger than your excuses in black evelyn sports bra

"Be stronger than your excuses"

At Karma we make beautiful active clothing, but it's also just gorgeous clothing, you can pair it together with any other brand clothing on your fave list and step out looking merchandised by a stylist for work, dates, girls-nights, shopping, family occasions and anything else in between over and above or sideways of that.  We really created a line to wear anywhere, by stepping outside of traditional high-performance patterns and elevating the style of high performance fabrics it was our goal that we had something to wear in each collection for every sport, every sweat session and every occasion.  

The funny part of it all...

The longer hours we work, the harder it became to practice the sports we all love and hold near and dear to our hearts, suddenly diets change and the most common lunch run includes a sugary treat for dessert.

Time to stop, take action and of course blog about it...

I decided we could write a book of excuses or just one little blog stating the fact "YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOUR EXCUSES",

To make a change, all you have to do is change your mind and take action.


"Be stronger than your excuses"


Change the dialogue in your head that tells you what reason you have for not having it all and start telling yourself why you should have it all, how you will have it all, and how you are starting now, achieve your #bodygoals #familygoals and #lifegoals.  Battle your inner dessert lover and excuse maker, silence her, and go for a run, go to your favourite workout session right now, take off early, cancel dinner plans, and put your self first.  You are totally worth it, join the karma movement, take action.

You are absolutely worth it and once you take action, the universe will agree and start giving you the time you need, the support you need and the new friendships you need to back on track for a long healthy life.  

So for getting back on the fitness regime plan, I highly recommend our YAMA TIGHTS they flatter and feel great through the sweatiest sessions, ensuring your clothing and your confidence will provide the excuses to keep going.

Karma Blog Recommend Yama Tight for Fitness

Pair them with.. EVELYN BRA

Karma Blog Recommend Evelyn Sports Bra for Fitness

and throw the LOU COVER UP over top the bra for run, spin, and cardio kick ass classes.

Lou Cover Up Illusion Kata Tight Outfit Designer Active Wear by Karma Athletics Canada

I recommend a tighter tank for mat classes to avoid the distraction of a loose shirt falling over your face.


Written by Creenagh Flynn


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