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  • Why You Should Try a Spin Class this Weekend (Featuring CTV's The Social)

    Melissa Grelo spinning in Karma gear on CTV's The Social, March 1st, 2017
    1. It’s high intensity, but low impact.  Anyone can get on a bike and do it!2. It only takes 45 minutes, so it’s not a lot of time commitment.3. The choreographed moves trick your brain into having more fun while getting a good work out. It’s basically dancing on a...

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  • CTV Features Karma

    CTV Featured Karma Athletics fitness apparel
    Click to watch the video on CTV  Coolest Gear for the Hottest 2015 Workouts! CTV Morning Live Style Expert Nathalie Rees talks everything fitness apparel, from what's best to get your sweat on in 2015, to how to get to and from the gym in luxury style! "If you look like an...

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