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  • Experiencing The World, One Country At A Time

    Karma Activist Annie Verderame - Easter Mass at the Vatican in Rome
    Written by Annie Verderame, Karma Activist Travel is one of the major loves of my life. It has helped shape me in to the person I am today.I am beyond blessed to have grown up in a household where travel was brought into my life at a young age. My first...

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  • Fitness Training - My Labour Of Love

    Laurie Idema-Wood Gym Workout
    Written by Laurie Idema-Wood, Karma Activist I have to say that I am very blessed to have work that is a passion and a labour of love. If I were to start at the beginning, my fitness career began when a Fitness Coordinator from the YWCA visited our school. She was...

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  • Real Life Lessons Learned On My Mat

    Karma Activist Kim Shoyama
    Written by Kim Shoyama, Karma Activist I’ve always been very thin.  People would always tell me that they wish they could eat whatever they wanted and be as skinny as I was.  Working out or moving in any way never really occurred to me.  I took pride in eating whatever I...

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  • Bridging the Worlds of Yoga & Activism

    Through the discipline of yoga, Karma Activist Annu Gaidhu learned to pay attention to her body, to practice self-love as a path to healing, and since then it has become her lifestyle. Her experiences teaching in India changed her outlook on life.“Working with Tibetan refugees was a transformative experience that...

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  • My Road to Rio...

    Jillian Drouin High Jump
    Written by Jillian Drouin, Karma Activist 2013 was a big year for me. It was the year I graduated from chiropractic college, wrote the last of my big board exams, got married, moved home with my husband after 9 years of being away at school, started my practice and developed Celiac...

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  • Kundalini - A Yoga Rave as the New Yoga Wave

    Kundalini Yoga group with Karma Athletics
    On May 29th, 2016, we held our very first Community Yoga Rave at our Guildford pop-up store. The event was by donation and all proceeds went towards the Canadian Red Cross to support their Alberta Fires Emergency Appeal. Some of the students had never been to a Yoga Rave before...

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  • What's In Your Gym Bag?

    What's in your gym bag?
    Having the essentials at the gym is important. Here are our top 3 items and why. 1. Water BottleWater is always a necessity before, after and during a workout. Water lubricates our muscles and joints. It helps build muscle by transporting nutrients to our cells and waste out of the body....

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  • Valentine's Day Partner Workouts + #DoubleTrouble Challenge

    Get Toned for Valentine's Day
    Happy Valentine's Day! Valentine’s Day is in honour of St. Valentine as a day for the exchange of valentines and other tokens of affection. How about you show affection to someone by asking them to be your workout partner starting this new month of February? Studies show working out with a buddy, a...

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  • Karma Holiday Survival Guide

    Holiday Survival Guide: Survival of the Fittest
    This is the craziest time of the year for most of us; work is busy trying to wrap up the year in a tidy bow, family time is ramping up, shopping, cooking, baking, get-togethers, travel, and more. Luckily, Karma has created a Holiday Survival Guide for you with workout plans,...

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  • Head to Toe Full Body Holiday Workout

    Karma Athletics Illusion print on Fashion Designer Active Wear Clothing for Yoga& Gym
    The holidays are known to be the most wonderful time of the year. They can also be the busiest time of the year too. It is very important to keep in mind to save some time for yourself to de-stress and maintain your fitness activity. Here is a great full body 30 minute workout...

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